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University of Connecticut Logistics Administration CENTRAL STORES

About Central Stores

All Central Stores stock and special order products are available at cost. The 12% mark-up on in-stock items and the 6% mark-up on special orders was eliminated on 7/1/16. See also: Lower Prices!

The mission of Central Stores is to provide supplies and services to the University as economically and efficiently as possible. Central Stores is the warehouse to all University departments and locations. We stock and special order a wide variety of office, maintenance, and laboratory supplies, a total of nearly 9,000 items. Central Stores also provides numerous services to the University: Shipping and Receiving, the Surplus Program, Department Moves, and many more. For an overview of what we do, please see FAQs.

Central Stores is located at 3 Discovery Drive, behind the Public Safety Complex and across the street from Motor Pool. We are on the first floor of the Central Warehouse building. Our entrance is on the back-right side of the building, to the right of the loading docks.

Warehouse hours are Mon-Fri, 7am-4:30pm. Office hours are Mon-Fri, 7:30am-4:30pm.

Central Stores is a part of Logistics Administration. Logistics Administration was formed to provide expert, comprehensive, and integrated management of the University's many logistical needs. Logistics Administration is comprised of the following departments: Central Stores, Document Production Center, Motor Pool, Parking Services, Transportation Services, and University Mail Services. For more info, please visit Logistics Administration .