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University of Connecticut Logistics Administration CENTRAL STORES

Returns to Central Stores

To return a product ordered from Central Stores, here's what you need to do:

  1. Complete a Transfer Voucher (BO-20) for Credit.
    • Reference the original order number and/or attach a copy of the packing list to the Transfer Voucher.
    • Reference the Central Stores item number of the product you are returning.
    • State the reason for the return. (If the return is for a defective cartridge, please be specific in describing how it is defective.)

      For proper credit, you must state the reason for the return on the transfer voucher
  2. Attach the Transfer Voucher for Credit to the item being returned.
  3. Complete and submit the Pickup Form (before 4:30 pm to be honored for the next business day).
  4. Give the return to the Central Stores driver when he/she sees you for the pickup.

Credits for returns of Special Order items are subject to vendors' restocking fees and/or shipping fees
which are passed on to the returning department.

Central Stores cannot issue credit on toner cartridges if the strip has been removed. *

* Exception: Correct cartridge ordered, you removed the strip and found the cartridge is defective.